Bills. Bash. Bosh.

Bulk pay bills and invoices from your existing bank account. Think of Comma as the glue that joins your accounting platform to the bank. Bosh.

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Comma payment select UI simplified block

Select the bills to pay.

We sync the bills from your accounting system automatically. You just select what needs to be paid.

No nasty surprises.

Visibility of what needs to be paid and when so you know whats around the corner.

Stays in sync.

Always stays in sync with your accounting data so that you never duplicate payments or miss a bill.

Share the virtual
payment run.

Maybe you are an external finance team or your a business owner is making the final payment. You can share a direct link to your end user to review. (If you’re making the payment, you can skip this step!)

Farewell email chains.

No need to share an Excel file again. Share the virtual payment run in Comma and say goodbye to cc’s, bcc’s and endless emails.

Comma collaboration.

Payment authorisers have the final say on what they are paying - we just make sharing the work safe and simple.

Comma UI snippet - share ui
Guitar expenses UI snippet

Pay everything in seconds.

Click pay and let Comma work its magic. We push everything to the bank in bulk allowing you to pay multiple suppliers in a single authentication.

Open banking to the rescue.

No virtual accounts. No manual entry. Just a simple time saving process.

Make bookkeepers happy.

Bookkeepers love Comma because payments are slick, synced and secure. Keeping everything aligned.

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Loved by business owners and bookkeepers alike.

“I have a team of 10. Comma saves me hours every month paying various suppliers and my team salaries, meaning I can focus on growing my business.”
Formula Media
With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result!
Kitty Smith
KS Virtual Assistant
“Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.”
Eamon McManus
McManus Williams
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