Bulk pay the boring stuff!

Pay all your staff and suppliers in a click 

Seamlessly integrate with your Silicon Valley Bank account

No more manually inputting payment info

Spend more time growing your business

Automate bulk payments from your Silicon Valley Bank account

Spend less time making payments

Automate your business payments and save hours every month

No more clunky file uploads

API driven payments so no more juggling payment files

Connect to your account system

Connects directly to Xero, Sage, QuickBooks and more

Perfect for bills and payroll

Use Comma to pay all your bills and payroll in a click

How does it work?

1: You will receive a link from your accountant to your payment run 
2: Open the payment run in Comma and review the payments 
3: Make the payments in bulk through your Silicon Valley Bank account with the click of a button.

Bank security

Payments are made from your Silicon Valley Bank account so you know they are safe and secure. Think of Comma as the supercharger for your banking portal. Comma adds a bulk payment layer to your existing account.

Gregory Keane
Xero App Store
    

This is an accounting admin revolution. I just did my first bulk payment from Xero to Revolut Business via Comma and I could do that in 2 clicks. This is saving me as a CEO 30 minutes of my weekly time and a lot of accounting fees too. This is a revolution in manual human data input!

Formula Media
Xero App Store
    

Saved time - made my payment easy and fun. I've used Comma from day one prior to being available as an integration into Xero for my business payments and it's been a genuine blessing. I no longer have to log into the bank, set up bulk payments, then reconcile in Xero. Read more

Darren Buckley
    

Comma has been a complete game changer for our clients as what would previously take them a few hours per week is now possible in just a couple of clicks.

Lucy Drew
Xero App Store
    

This program makes paying multiple invoices so simple. It synchronises with Xero to pull through all unpaid invoices, then you simply select all invoices you want to pay and this creates a payment run. It also shows the user due dates for all invoices, highlighting any that are overdue or due... Read more

Boro Tanchev
Xero App Store
    

Being able to create bulk payments and pay the invoices with just a few clicks has saved us a lot of time. It also makes sure that you pay the correct amount and don't miss any of the due invoices, as they are all listed in the "Payments" tab. It is super user-friendly and I would definitely recommend... Read more

Eamon McManus
Eamon McManus
McManus Williams
    

With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result! Comma removes the security challenges and risk involved when getting access to client bank accounts.

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