Payroll payment perfection.

Never manually key in a salary payment again. Comma API driven payments save you precious time while removing the possibility of over or underpaying your staff. It’s quite literally win-win!

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Upload your payroll file.

Prepare your payroll or export a CSV from your payroll provider and upload directly to Comma.

Easy upload

Our simple CSV format makes it easy to prepare and share payroll for any sized team.

Schedule payments

Don’t worry about keying in payments on payday. Set the date and put your feet up. We’ve got this.

Share the payroll run.

Maybe you are an external finance team preparing payroll for a client or you need a team member to sign off the final payment. You can share a direct link for your end user to review. (If you're making the payment, you can skip this step!)

Complete accuracy.

By pushing payments via API that miss key that cost you hours last month is a thing of the past.

For any sized team.

You can be a team of one or one-hundred. Comma bulk payments work for you.

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Schedule and pay.

No need to wake up early on payday to key payments in. Set the date and let us do the rest - last Friday of the month? You got it.

Safe as houses.

Payments are made through your existing bank meaning your money is as safe as it's ever been.

Sign up in seconds.

You can create an account and schedule a payment so quick that you even have time before your next meeting. No seriously. Try it.

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Loved by business owners and bookkeepers alike.

“I have a team of 10. Comma saves me hours every month paying various suppliers and my team salaries, meaning I can focus on growing my business.”
Formula Media
With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result!
Kitty Smith
KS Virtual Assistant
“Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.”
Eamon McManus
McManus Williams
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