Improve efficiency with KeyPay’s cloud payroll software.

Easy-to-use online payroll that integrates with business bank accounts to transform the entire payroll journey for accountants, bookkeepers and bureaus.

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Why use KeyPay with Comma

Process payroll within KeyPay

Create payruns and make payments at the click of a button all from within your KeyPay account

Future date payments

Say bye to BACS and 3 day payment dates. Select your payment date and your work is done.

Instantly available

Open Banking means payments from your existing bank account are immediately available.

An end to end payroll service

From payslip to payment in the click of a button via our clever Open Banking integration.

Shareable payment runs

Secure, shareable payment runs so you don’t need to change your internal processes.

Open Banking payments

Your existing bank accounts and existing security process but with a layer of magic on top.

What is KeyPay?

KeyPay is an award winning, cloud-based payroll and workforce management platform that changes the way people work and pay.

Worldwide solution

Servicing over 750 partners in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia, KeyPay simplifies the payroll process to save time and relieve our users from the stressors of payroll.

A streamlined process

Our automated pay runs feature eliminates repetitive payroll tasks, and our integrations with industry leading platforms streamline workflows to improve efficiency.

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Loved by business owners and bookkeepers alike.

“I have a team of 10. Comma saves me hours every month paying various suppliers and my team salaries, meaning I can focus on growing my business.”
Formula Media
With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result!
Kitty Smith
KS Virtual Assistant
“Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.”
Eamon McManus
McManus Williams
Discover the future of payroll.
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